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If you're new to coding, things can seem overwhelming. You don't just need to learn how to program anymore. You need to learn databases, markup languages, object design, methodologies, etc. So, you can expect mistakes. Not just coding mistakes, but big mistakes in all those areas. A good mentor is your best bet to seeing it through the early years. It also helps to absorb as much knowledge as possible. At least then you will be able to identify if your mentor is a screwball. This is probably also a good reason to find two. Get one at work or college and join a user group.

So, to help with the knowledge absorption, I have decided to start posting those books that I find I can't live without. While I will add them in no particular order, the order to study them poses a problem. Is it better to learn a language first, then design? It has been a long time since I started out, and the rules have changed. I learned a language first, but quickly was thrown into databases. As far as a design method, I went too long before learning a method to the madness.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

Much like when our kids learn to walk, they are going to fall. Picking themselves up and trying again is part of the learning process. The problem is a new coder is more like an indestructible 1000 foot baby running at full speed. You could be cleaning up the mess for years.

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