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In starting this new contest I’m trying to decide how to best invest my fitness dollars. On one level this seems so simple – I know the formula very well, just eat less and exercise more! I’ve lost seventy pounds by doing this so I know it works. It is simple. Almost too simple. Problem is that  I’ve hit a plateau and actually gained back some weight. It ends here. It ends now. I will focus.

So it may very well be that  I don’t have to spend any money above and beyond the gym membership, healthy food and supplements! I do feel like I need something this time though, something to kick me in the ass (besides the contest). I want to make sure I don’t gain any more, lose focus or plateau again.

In addition this time I really want to get down to a weight that I haven’t seen since I don’t know when… maybe 25 years? I really want to get my body fat down lower than it probably ever has been. I also want to do something I’ve never done nor felt fit enough to do. Race bikes. I can’t decide if I want to race track or mountain bikes. I honestly think I’m too big (tall, upper body, etc.) to race at any level on the road – hell I hope I can prove that statement wrong but in any case I think I’d like to start on the track.

So knowing that I want to raise my game higher than I ever have, knowing that I want to push myself harder than I ever have…  I feel I may need help to achieve my goals.

Here’s what I’m thinking about investing in to help me reach my goals :

  1. Cycling coach – I’m seriously looking  at Carmichael Training Systems (CTS) and Lofgran Coaching.
  2. New commuter bicycle – nothing in my current stable (of 6 bikes) would make a great commuter bicycle. I’m looking at something like the Trek Portland. Another option would be to build out my old 1984 Trek 610 as a commuter.
  3. Spinervals DVDs – wow there are so many choices! Over 30 DVDs… Yes I could spend a small fortune on these training aids! Of course CTS offers DVDs too.  And These offerings from Saris also look pretty cool.
  4. PowerTap power meter– most dedicated cyclists swear by power meters. If I sign up for a year of CTS training I get a “great deal” on a PowerTap apparently – of course I have to call to find out what kind of “deal” I get.

Well there you have it. Boring post I know but I wanted to get some of these ideas typed and out of my head.

No idea what I’ll spend my money on, if anything but at the very least I’m sure I’ll buy some training DVDs to use while I ride my bike on my trainer – the daylight hours are too scarce to ride outside after about 5PM in Washington. I’m really tempted to pay for professional coaching – but the coach could turn into just another person that I ignore!

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