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I hate to call what we’re doing “The Biggest Loser” because it seems whenever two or more people decide to lose weight and get healthy it becomes a Biggest Loser contest. One problem with a Biggest Loser style contest is that it favors people who are massively overweight. No one at Benchmark Plus is massively overweight and some people here are even in darned good shape! We wanted a way to involve everyone even the healthy folks. Here’s what we came up with.

The contest will run for one year. Each participant puts in $1200. At the start of the competition and each quarter each participant has their body fat percentage checked in a BodPod. The winner of the quarter is the person who has lost the highest % of body fat %. Confusing? Okay here is an example:

Beginning of contest:

  • Steve is 25% BF
  • Jeremy is 20% BF

End of First quarter:

  • Steve is 20% BF
  • Jeremy is 15% BF

Both competitors lost 5% body fat but Jeremy wins because he lost 25% of his total body fat whereas Steve only lost 20% of his total body fat.

Clear as mud now? Thought so! A winner declared for each quarter and that person wins 1/4 of the money in the pot but the contest does NOT reset every quarter so if you do amazing in the first quarter you are not punished.


Here are my stats from my test today:

Weight: 260.4
Body Fat: 25.4%


Interestingly I’ve used a Tanita scale that measures weight and body fat for almost four years now. I’ve always wondered how accurate the scale is… well I’m happy to report that this morning my scale read: 260.0 and 25.2% body fat. Not too bad. It will be interesting to see if it maintains it’s accuracy as I drop BF%.


I’m sure I’ll blog more in the coming months about health and exercise. I’m excited to start this contest now… hopefully it will keep me motivated through the winter!

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