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Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2007 12:31 PM Mapping & GPS | Back to top

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I have noticed that because of the down economy many are supplementing because of their lost jobs by cutting grass. I’m not putting someone down for doing so, but I have heard some real war stories of people hiring these down and out people to be their lawn care person only to find several things missing from their property or being charged for work not done. </p>
<p>So i'm worried about the nanny i hired last month, for me ,she is a stranger,someone recommend to me and say that she's so reliable and work harder, At first i was satisfaction with her good performance,so i think she might be a good person, But for the last week of the month, i found that she always go out far away with my baby alone, i'm so worried about their safety. I don't know where they are, when i talk with her for my worries, she said that: &quot;I'm sorry Ms. i know you are care about your baby, but i want to say your litle baby was very happy when we go out and seeing all kinds of people. If you really need to know the location of us At any time,i suggest you'd better to buy a GPS Tracker for us.&quot; I was suddenly woke up. Why not to install a GPS Tracker System for home use? It's really a good idea.</p>
<p>The next day i went to the department store want to find a mini and cute GPS Tracking Device for my baby, but unfortunately, i can't find a gps for my satisfactory, so, step two: i will find one on the internet, i heard about that China's electonics are all in cheaper price, so i came to a wholesale china electronics store: Finally i got the portable mini gps tracker in this site, i like the shape and the price was also reasonable, with this i can locate my baby anywhere at anytime. It seems that a gps tracking system plays an important role in home security.
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