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Earlier this week I ordered a Garmin Forerunner 305 and the compatible GSC 10 Speed and Cadence Sensor to better track my bicycle training.

Should be arriving today. Just arrived! I'm pretty excited. I've been using my Garmin 60C to track my bike rides and upload them to It works fine but I wanted to step-up to advanced training-specific features (alerts, virtual partners, courses, heart-rate monitor, workouts). I looked at the bike-specific Garmin Edge 305 but it seems that the Forerunner 305 is just a better all-around unit than the Edge - at least from what I can tell from many reviews and it does work well on the bike. 

One downside is that there is no bike mount yet but according to current users, a piece of pipe-insulating foam on your handlebars works well. Garmin did announce a multi-sport quick-release system at CES this year that allows you to pop the 305 unit into or out of your watch band or your bike mount in seconds. Cool. Very cool since I want to complete a Triathlon this year (probably this one - the Sprint distance not the Olympic distance).

If I ever to get into running (yeah, hell will probably freeze over first) I can wear the Forerunner on my wrist where I'd have to carry the Edge in a pocket or in my hand.

Warning: Extreme GEEK alert. The paragraph that follows proves how much of a total geek I am.

Another cool thing about watch form factor is that you can just wear it around. For example, if I would have Forerunner 305 while in DisneyLand  last month I would have worn it around for a day or maybe even the entire 12 days. Now that we've returned I am really curious as to how far we walked each day and now I'll never know. As an added bonus I would have been able to tell how fast the rides were really going!

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