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266.4 pounds with 24.6 body fat. Actually I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t drop more weight this week. I ate right, I added cardio to my workout regimen and I didn’t slack on the weights. A bit frustrating… but I won’t let it get me down. A few weeks like this and then maybe I’ll be a bit more upset.


  • Weights: Monday, Wednesday – typical workout both nights. Extra abdominal, leg and bicep work both nights. I skipped last Friday – my shoulder was really acting up. Skipping one workout seemed to have helped.
  • Cardio: Finally some good news to report here. My treadmill was delivered on Saturday (1/28) and I’ve been on it for at least 30 minutes a day since! Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday for 30 minutes each day… various programs – all keeping my heart rate in the optimal fat-burn range.


I’ve been good all week. Probably the worst thing that I ate was a cookie that came with a lunch we had delivered to a meeting yesterday – oh yeah and the sandwich wasn’t on wheat bread. Oh the shame, the horror!


Today (2/2/06) 266.4, 24.6% BF
Started (1/1/06) 271, 25.3 BF%

Here are the charts for 2006 (click for larger versions):

chubclub week 5 body weight chart

chubclub week 5 body fat % chart



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Yo! Nice work dude! Just got off my coaching call and she wants me to start journaling again (read: blogging) so check out my blog later this afternoon. It'll be the first of the year. Hopefully the first of many. ;-)
Left by Johnboy on Feb 02, 2006 6:11 AM

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