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Thanks to my neighbor, Rob I am back on my street bike. Damn it hurts so good. I have a 1984 Trek 610 that Rob put a few hours of work and $150 worth of parts into - now it is a pretty descent ride... Rob and I did 19 miles last night (9/3)... and 15 on Tuesday (8/30). Just 34 miles in the saddle - I think I'm catching the bug again!

Alexi Grewal had a lot to do with my biking bug the first time around when I originally bought my lovely 610... Alexi won the 1984 Olympic Cycling Road Race Gold Medal. I remember watching Alexi, Steve Hegg, Mark Gorski and Connie Carpenter all bring home gold for the USA. At the time I had a super tricked out GT BMX bike (that I probably put more money into than my first car!) - I sold it for next to nothing because I wanted to ride like Alexi.

Of course now I really want to purchase a new bike... but I have made myself promise that I will not buy a new bike until I prove that I am going to ride on a regular basis. If I can get a few hundred miles in over the winter and spring I will have no problem treating myself to a new bike next summer (when the sales hit the 2006 models). In the meantime there is plenty of stuff to spend dough on... bib shorts, gloves, cyclometer, pedals, shoes, helmet, winter garb, jerseys, innertubes - the list goes on.

I did find a killer site - if you have an old Trek check out their site!

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