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First of all I don't have anything against Shihan and I'm definitely not jealous of him. What I feel is that out of the final competitors Shihan is arguablythe best presenter with guys like Malith and Waruna not too far behind. But I like Amila the best because if u just take the singing talent hes probably the best, and I know most people would agree with me. I know to be a super star you have to be good at everything (singing and presenting). But thats not the important point here. The more important point is how Sirasa is playing you all. 

If people claim Sirasa had eliminated Shihan unfairly, they must also accept that other people before Shihan could also have been eliminated unfairly. Here's my theory, based on some facts and some rumours. Sirasa wanted Shihan to win the SSS from the very beginning. But the trouble started when this story leaked and adverse publicity started to grow on Sirasa as well as Shihan. This is when Sirasa decided to say bye bye to Shihan. But another twist in the tale was the unfortunate accident of Malith. Now, I feel they will take Shihan back into the competition. Here's the funny part, If a competitor (any competitor) was eliminated, that should mean hes not as good as the people who are left in the competition(which i believe is not, inthe case of Shihan), at least this should be how Sirasa sees it. Then what is the point of bringing in a competitor who is worse than the ones who are left back into the competition only to be eliminated again ???

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