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Last night I was doing one of the things I normally do throughout the day: Search Twitter for my app names to see if anyone is tweeting about my company or one of my apps. But tonight, unlike many other nights, there were tons of tweets all in Japanese with just the word 'TimeTag' in English. I got excited: Someone wrote about us in Japan, so I clicked the link (

It was a blog post that (translated) seems to be all about using TimeTag (Available on the iOS store here) to stay productive, and why this person really likes the app. It was so cool to see my app with Japanese characters in its labels instead of English like I normally see it. 

Our ranks blew up overnight, and we're now #8 for iPhone productivity apps for Japan and floating around #120 for the entire iPhone store. The iPad version is also growing in popularity and is now #80 for productivity apps. Very exciting stuff. Whatever blog this is, it seems to be pretty popular in Japan. (I really wish I could get a properly translated version).

Honestly, what makes me most excited about things like this is not the financial reward--it's the fact of seeing something I created on my laptop being used (and appreciated) by people all around the world. We live in such an amazing time where an individual or group of individuals can get together, come up with an idea, and with a click of a mouse send it across the entire world. 

So here's to the life of a programmer/designer/app maker/coder/whatever title you choose. It's not always the most glamorous life, but it's certainly very rewarding at times like this. We really do live in an amazing time.
Posted on Tuesday, August 6, 2013 1:01 PM iphone , ios development , life of a programmer | Back to top

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