Big day for me: my first iPhone game launched

This is an exciting Friday. My first game, Doodle Space Fighter ( launched for the iPhone today. I'm doing a soft launch this weekend with just my own personal blogs and friends/family, and then doing a bigger one this upcoming week. Honestly I don't care if it only sells 5 copies, it was so much fun to write.

I started working on games a few months back, around April. I wrote the whole game using Cocos2d, and added a few UIKit menus in it to make some of the more traditional stuff easier (emailing developer, reviewing the app, etc). I wrote a few times on this blog about some of the things I ran into while developing the game, and now that it's out, I plan to write a lot more on the topic.

Now that Apple introduced SpriteKit, I plan to switch gears to using that, and developing a cross platform game for the Mac and iPhone (and iPad). Even though Cocos2d is being replaced by the cross platform C++ based one, it seems like SpriteKit is very similar--it has the same general style of update timers, layers, and scenes. 

Overall, the experience of creating and writing a game is unlike any other traditional programming I've done in the past few years. I've mostly spent my time creating productivity style apps (time sheets, writing tools, apps for enterprise) and so having to learn all about game design was a huge change. After a week or two though of tutorials and putting together a real basic game mechanism, I got way more into it and just kept iterating until it was ready for launch.

I'm excited to keep doing game dev as a side hobby (a bit of a weekend/evenings thing), because I've always loved games and it's so cool to be able to create your own. Definitely an exciting day indeed.

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