If you are one of the numerous PDC10 attendees moving your iPhone SIM to your free LG-E900 Windows Phone 7, and you're on AT&T, you may have noticed the minute you lost WiFi coverage your data stopped as well.  If you read through the paperwork that comes with the phone there was a quick little note that says "you may need to manually configure your APN setting."  Well that was an important hint to getting your Windows Phone 7 up and running with data on AT&T.  To updates the APN do the following on your phone:

  • Open Settings
  • Cellular
  • Scroll to the bottom where is says Set or Edit APN
    • APN:  wap.cingular
    • Username:  wap@cingulargprs.com
    • Password:  CINGULAR1

Yes those are all cingular names, but that's what AT&T still uses.  These settings are those that are required for the iPhone to work, so if you're coming from a non-iPhone plan, these settings may not work, or you may be required to upgrade your data plan.  Also I won't guarantee that this won't impact our data plans in any way, it simply gets the Windows Phone 7 up and running on the AT&T iPhone data plan, and seems to work fine for me.