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Randy Walker Entrepreneur, VB MVP

I’m proud to announce that two Microsoft employees, Sarika Calla and Kevin Halverson, who works on the Visual Studio Product Team will be visiting various User Groups and Companies in Arkansas and Texas!


Sarika Calla – Speaking about a Woman’s perspective at Microsoft, this natively born Indian holds a Masters in Computer Science from Georgia Tech and has been with Microsoft for the past 8 years.  Sarika is now a Team Lead on the IDE Team.  (pic is Redmond sacalla mthumb.jpg)

Kevin Halverson – With 7 years as a Microsoft employee, Kevin has expertise in LINQ Expression Trees, Code Model, and COM/Office Interop and has a background as a former Unix Sys Admin. (his pic is the profile.jpg)


June 1 – Walmart .Net User Group
June 1 – Northwest Arkansas SQL Server User Group (lunch meeting)
June 1 – Tyson devLoop
June 1 – Northwest Arkansas .Net User Group  
June 2 – Datatronics
June 2 – Little Rock .Net User Group
June 3 – Dallas Customer Visit *
June 3 – Forth Worth .Net User Group

* Please contact Randy Walker if you would like Sarika & Kevin to visit your company

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