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I had the chance to look into building a Visual Studio .NET add-in this past week. It was quite an interesting experience since I’ve never used add-ins (except for CopySourceAsHtml by Colin Coller :

I started by reading the one book that I had quick access to: Writing Add-ins for Visual Studio.Net by Les Smith. From that I managed to throw together a quick prototype of what I wanted my add-in to do. p> I didn’t think that building the add-in would be so bad. There’s an extensibility project type that you can choose from and you run the Wizard in order to get going. I wanted the add-in to be in a dockable tool window but I had issues with that. The sample VB code that I found didn’t seem to work quite like the example from Microsoft. (see Creating a Dockable Tool Window in the links below).

From there I decided that I’ll just have a form pop up with the Always on Top property set to True and have my prototype do what had to be done.

I thought I would post the list of resources that I found helpful as well as a few things to keep in mind when creating an app.

Things to watch out for

Version 2003 add-in won’t work on 2002
Can’t remember where I saw this but I’m 90 percent sure this is the case.
Version 2002 add-in requires registry edit to work with 2003
PRB: Add-ins that you create by using Visual Studio .NET 2002 do not load when you start Visual Studio .NET 2003;en-us;823236
The last add-in installed responds to events and doesn’t pass it along to other Add-Ins
BUG: Command events fired only to last add-in loaded in Visual Studio .NET;en-us;555090


Writing Add-ins for Visual Studio.NET
By Les Smith ISBN: 1590590260
Published by Apress in 2002

Web Groups

Yahoo group

Microsoft Newsgroup

Creating a Dockable Tool Window

How do I create custom tool windows

Other Links

Visual Studio Add-Ins: Hosting A C# UserControl,1759,1640986,00.asp,1759,1641413,00.asp

MS Extensibility Center

Visual Studio automation examples

Automation samples for Visual Studio .NET 2002

Visual Studio.NET Automation

Referencing the DTE Object

Creating Add-Ins and Wizards

HOW TO: Create and Load Add-ins in the Visual Studio .NET IDE by Using Visual Basic .NET

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