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Well after agreeing to take over managing my local user group I've managed to have 2 meetings in the past couple of months and interest seems to be building back up.   On Wednesday it was my turn to present on some of the new T-SQL features found in SQL Server 2008.  It felt good to be up front and presenting again as it has been a while for me. I was a bit rushed for time since I was the second of two presenters but that was fine with me. I simply cut out some demos.

I know I made some mental notes about my presentation style that I want to work on for next time. First is to S-L-O-W down. I can speak a mile a minute when I'm uber excited about a topic. Second is to really work practice my presentation.  My next one will be in Jan so I have some time again and I want to truely knowledgeable about my subject.  At work I bounce around from one technology to another so quickly I don't get a great chance of becoming an "expert" but I want to be able to answer questions and not just read a canned script.

I think I'm going to be lucky with the user group as the word is getting out and registrations are increasing (50 percent turn out of those that pre-registered for this week's meeting). Next I need to keep looking at increasing the membership and finding some local sponsors.   At least I've got a good list of people who have offered to be speakers, but I still want to develop some more local talent in this area.

I knew it would take a fair bit of my personal time to get things going again and I'm happy with the progress. I just hope that the attendees are finding the meetings useful.  A few people have stepped up to offer their help with the UG which has been great for me as I know I can't do this all by myself.

Here's to seeing big growth for F.NUG in the new year. Posted on Friday, November 21, 2008 11:34 AM F.NUG | Back to top

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