Configuring SQL Server Express Edition for remote access

I wanted to access SQL Express on my local machine from within a Client Hyper=V virtual machine on the same Domain.

This article got me most of the way there:

But it was a bit out of date.

My steps were:

  1. Enable TCP/IP Protocol in SNAC
  2. Restart SQL Server
  3. Configure (Windows 8) Firewall to allow all Inbound for sqlservr.exe



I thought this might be relevant (nice to be able to script it):

But the problem is that this is for fixed ports and not compatible with the (default) Dynamic Ports settings above.

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Joining to an arbitrary SQL set in EF5

I wanted to be able to write a hierarchical query in LINQ but found that it’s not something you can do.

I knew how to write TVFs or User Defined Table Valued Functions and had used them in joins in pure TSQL before but I suspected that it ought to be possible to re-use that SQL within an EF model so I went hunting…

Eventually I was inspired by this

First, I added Function Imports for my TVFs to my (classic Database-First edmx) model:


Update from Database:


Function Imports got added:


I also ensured that the Return Type was one of the Entities already in the model:


I love it! – it's an IQueryable just like any other EntitySet:


So that means I can do some LINQ joins between the function and other EntitySets:


Job Done Smile

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