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Who does not know the samosir island in North Sumatra area, obviously, you've heard a considerable measure of data about the island of Samosir exceptionally delightful and rich society of this drifter. Samosir Island is extremely celebrated/surely understood in Indonesia, as well as has cleared the world as one of the main visitor destinations of Indonesia, particularly North Sumatra. 

Samosir Island is a volcanic island amidst Lake Toba in North Sumatra area. An island in the island with a height of 1,000 meters above ocean level makes this island turns into an island that pull in the sightseers. Samosir island itself is situated in the locale of Samosir recently sprouted in 2003 from the previous District Toba - Samosir. 


Samosir Island is an extensive island in Lake Toba Samosir Island which itself comprises of six sub-areas of nine regions situated in Samosir rule. Lake Toba itself has a length of 100 km with a width of 30 km and can achieve a profundity of 505 m at a height of 900 meters. Lake Toba is the biggest lake in Indonesia and the biggest lake on the planet volcanology. Samosir island itself has a range of ​​640 km2 and is the fifth-biggest lake island on the planet. sumatra tours .

Lake Toba and Samosir Island was framed from a volcanic ejection alarming around 69000 to 77000 years prior with a 8.0 scale Volcanic explosivity list (VEI). 8.0 VEI scale supervulkanologi depicted as intense emission that spewed> 1000 km3 of material ejection with the emission came to a stature of 50km and influence the temperature and conditions in the stratosphere layer toposphere and earth. 

The ejection of Toba has brought down the temperature of the earth is around 3 to 5 degrees Celsius and achieves 15 degrees Celsius at a higher scope, the human populace on earth who passed on up to 60%. 

The Tano Ponggol, partition SAMOSIR MAINLAND OF SUMATRA 

Previously Samosir Island are in the terrain with the island of Sumatra, sumatra travel , as a projection in Lake Toba. The tightest piece of Samosir is in Pangururan, just around 300 meters wide. Inhabitants used to drag the vessel to be moved to the opposite side of Lake Toba, as opposed to having circumnavigated Naidoo. 

In the Dutch frontier period stream channel assembled to bring the two sides of Lake Toba. Pontoons can go from one side of Lake Toba, hovered to the next side without Naidoo. With the channel, Sumatra Samosir territory and can be said to have authoritatively turned into an island. Samosir cutting range is precisely what is known as the Tano Ponggol. At to begin with, Tono zone Ponggol manufactured an extension utilizing wood for quite a while. Be that as it may, now Tano Bridge Ponggol as of now concretised in 1982. As per the books of Batak society, Tano Ponggol in "pieces" of the Netherlands for two reasons: firstly means to encourage the vehicle of water and both plan to partition the country, Batak. 

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