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Gold Mining Project Cycle

Gold mining is the capability of extract gold by mining. Basically it’s a procedure of gold ores from the earth. Gold mining is a universal business with processes on each continent. Gold mining’s substantial involvement in socio-economic development. Before any gold can be obtained from earth, significant exploration and evolution need to take place, both to regulate, as perfectly as possible. Because Gold mining result depends on how much conveniently, safely and responsibly gold is extracting from earth.                                                           

If we talk about gold mining, one name which rolls-up in mind and that’s Rodger Allen.  Rodger Allen is known as President and sole shareholder of 1510501 Alberta Ltd. of Hinton Alberta. Rodger Allen is also the president and sole shareholder of 0946940 BC Ltd. and 0922410 BC Ltd. Rodger Allen has been a prominent analyst and advisor on gold mining. He is considered one of the most knowledgeable experts on mining gold. Rodger Allen gold mine skills present the prospective to prove up significant resources through exploratory drilling and generate value. Rodger Allen gold mine competence focuses on growth through acquisition, expansion and development. In 1977 Rodger Allen made his first trip to New York City to raise capital to invest in mining and logging operations in British Columbia as well as oil and gas operations in Alberta. Although Allen learned a great deal about financing and gold markets, his first overall experience in New York was more of a learning experience. In 2017 Rodger Allen looks forward to continuing his mining and processing operations in Pemberton BC. Rodger Allen gold mine experience shows innovative vision. Rodger Allen gold mine involvement helps the whole team to achieve the targets.

Modern gold mining procedures are largely the same methods used in gold mining for thousands of years. The modern processes for mining gold use larger equipment and more refined techniques, but essentially it still the same principles as has always been used.  Mining operations are complex. The life cycle of a gold mining tells investors about the distinct phases involved in successful mine development. Here, Rodger Allen gold mining project life-cycle defines clearly about extracting gold mining:





Exploration is a key factor in gold mining. Exploring for gold is complicated procedure. It involves significant time, financial resources and proficiency in many disciplines, such as geology, geography, chemistry and engineering. Even then, the likelihood of a discovery leading to a mine development is extremely low. In fact, only around 10% of global gold deposits contain sufficient gold to mine. Once more is known about the potential deposit and the local geology, the ore body can be modelled and its feasibility assessed.



For every project planning is very important. Same in gold mining, gold mining developmental stage involves the planning and construction of the mining project. Mining companies must obtain suitable permits and licenses before they can start construction. This will generally take several years, although this can vary depending on facts such as location, regulatory requirements and ore processing needs. Construction may not be confined to the mine itself. Generally, mining companies construct local infrastructure and amenities to support both logistical and operational needs, as well as employee and community welfare.


After completing development phase, the mining project will begin operation. This involves extracting metal-rich ore from the deposit. Ore that has been extracted will need further processing at a refinery to recover the gold (as well as other valuable minerals). Mining companies will use stringent controls to assure high standards of health and safety, as well as minimising environmental impacts


Demilitrise & Termination:

After a mine has ceased operations, possibly because the ore body is drained or the remaining deposit becomes idle (uneconomic) to mine, work then focuses on its decommissioning and improvement. And the closure of a mine is a complex undertaking. A mining company will also be required to monitor the mine site long after the mine site has been closed in order to ensure that the rehabilitation of the land is successful.


Given the scale of operations involved, any changes to mine plans in response to changes in external factors – such as the price of gold or inputs like oil – take time. These factors may affect which areas of an ore body are profitable (economic) to mine. In times of higher prices, mining low-grade ore (low-grading) will become profitable as the higher gold price will offset the increased cost of extracting and milling a greater volume of ore. When the price is lower, it might only prove profitable to might areas of higher-grade ore (high grading).

Gold mining and its associated activities can have a transformative effect on socio-economic development in countries where gold is found. Rodger Allen gold mine knowledge provides total commitment to health and safety. He adapted excellent technical knowledge which helps in create business model. Rodger Allen knows all aspects of gold mining process. His capabilities help in techniques and processes by which gold may be extracted from the earth.

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