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Happy New Year everyone and with this new year comes our New Years Resolutions. I normally don’t make these as I don’t want to disappoint myself when they don’t really pan out. This year I will make an exception. I am putting together here, my Resolutions for the New Year. I have several so get ready.

1. I will write on my Blog more this year.

Now I know what your thinking, “You have said this in the past so what new”. Well, I am really going to make an effort in 2014. I do have a lot I want to discuss, and some of it will come in the way of Hardware Reviews, Android instruction and general Tech specific things. I will of course talk about my apps in development as well.

2. I will publish at least 4 applications this year.

I have been working on an Android application for a better part of last year. Mostly off and on, and well since I bought a new house toward the end of the year, I didn’t have time to work on it, so I will defiantly make and effort to finish it soon and get it out on Google Play. I already had some applications scheduled to come out this year, so as long as I get my ass in gear, they will come out. One on Google Play, one on Windows Phone and one on Windows 8 store. I wont go into specifics, but if you check out my LinkedIn page, you will see them.

3. I will completely revamp my website.

I have actually begun looking into this. My website was pretty basic and has been for a year. I originally put it up as a temporary site, and kind of forgot about it. I am now looking at some CMS type systems and are preparing to work on it. Or at least start on it and so you may see a under construction notification. The application that is currently advertised on the site is no longer live on the Windows Phone servers. I took it off since I had to redo my accounts and the new one I have in development will replace it.

4. I will try to lose some weight.

I wouldn’t be a New Years Resolution if I didn’t have that. I am a big guy and I do need to lose some weight. No more really to say about this other than, “Get your ass in a Gym”.

That’s really it for Resolutions. I will be speaking at the KC Java Users Group in February. You can find out some info on our Meetup page here. My topic will be Android: Supporting Multiple Devices Part 1. I decided to break this down into two parts so I will eventually do part 2 later in the year. I will also do a talk their on Android: Working with Data.

In case anyone doesn’t know, my day to day job is writing Android Applications. I work for a large company, which I won’t name. I work on one of their bigger Android projects. My Windows Phone experience has mostly been on my own and since I was a graduate from Centriq here in Kansas City, I needed an outlet to keep my .Net skills sharp.

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