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I wanted to let everyone know that my flagship application Mixtio Reader will be delayed. I was shooting for the end of the first quarter, but it looks like it will take longer. Mixtio Reader  will probably be released around the second or third quarter. I am working on this project in my spare time and with the scale of this project being what it is, its going slow. I am currently waiting on some third party sdk’s that will be used and the remaining parts are all custom. This was suppose to be my first Windows Phone application for the market, but with these delays, it will actually be my second or third.

What does this mean, second or third? Well I already planned a simple utility application that was suppose to come after Mixtio Reader, but I will now be focusing on getting it done and out the door as my first application. I project it only taking a couple of weeks to do so that’s good news. There is another concept application that I have been thinking of doing also. Not sure if it will go anywhere yet, so most likely, Mixtio Reader will be released second. I will brainstorm this concept application and if I think it will work, I will update you all with another blog post.

What is this new simple application? This one will be kept secret till release. Its not a game changer or anything mind blowing so no speculation needed. It’s a simple utility that most people can use around their house or business.

I guess there is a bright side to having Mixtio Reader be delayed. That would be that I have plans to push it to other platforms. I won’t go into too many details yet on it, but there are plans in the works to release it to 2 additional platforms. And for those of you with an iPhone will be disappointed as iOS is not one of the two platforms. I currently don’t have a mac, so until I do, I can’t promise any iOS applications.

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