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Recently I mentioned this.Log. Given the amount of folks that were interested in this.Log, I decided to pull this source out and make a NuGet package (well, several packages).


The source is now located at Please feel free to send pull requests (with tests of course). When you clone it, if you open visual studio prior to running build.bat, you will notice build errors. Don’t send me a pull request fixing this, I want it to work the way it does now. Use build.bat appropriately.

To try to cut down on the version number being listed everywhere, I created a SharedAssembly.cs (and a SharedAssembly.vb for the VB.NET samples). That helped, but it didn’t solve the problem where it was in the nuspecs as dependencies. So I took it a step further and created a file named VERSION. When you run the build, it updates all the files that contain version information. Having one place to handle the version is nice.


When moving this.Log to a NuGet package (or in this case 9 NuGet packages), I was able to play with some features of NuGet I had not previously, symbol servers and packing a csproj. With packing a csproj, I was able to quickly (well mostly) set up the build to package up every project with NuGet packages.

All packages can be found by searching for this.log on

NOTE: If you’ve installed any of these prior to this post, you will want to uninstall and reinstall them (there was an particular issue with the version on the Rhino Mocks version). I’ve fixed and updated quite a bit on them from version to


Performance testing with log4net showed this only has an overhead of 42 ticks tested over 100,000 iterations. That’s a pretty good start given that it has a reflection hit on every call.

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