Iowa Code Camp Presentations

Last weekend I went up to Iowa Code Camp in Cedar Rapids and had the opportunity to do two presentations, one on NuGet and one known as the Automation Tools Roundup. ICC is one of my favorite conferences every year. It is twice a year and I try to make it to at least one of them. The people that attend this conference really make it worth the money you spend in travel expenses. Definitely recommended.

Automation Tools Roundup

This is my favorite session to give because it requires crowd participation and it is never the same presentation twice. We just start going through automation tools of any sort that can help people be more productive through their use. The crowd picks which ones we talk about for the most part.

We talked about several tools and as part of the session people from the audience are invited to come up and talk about a tool they like. Keith Dahlby came up and talked about Posh-Git which has an awesome interface for showing me my git status right on the prompt.


Other tools covered:

I believe we talked about a few more tools. If you were there and you remember, please hit the comments! Because this presentation is so dynamic, there are no slides.

FREE as in BEER!! Manage Your Packages w/NuGet

I enjoy showing people what is possible out there, even with some of the things that are not perfect. NuGet has a few kinks, but the community is helping and the team is committed to continually making the product better. This presentation is dedicated to showing you how to get started to building your own packages to hosting your own feed. We look at the GUI, the powershell console, the command line and the package explorer. The last 10 minutes of the presentation are dedicated to a new tool that can help make you hyper productive! This presentation is a lot of fun and seeing people really understand what NuGet can do for them is awesome!

Here are the slides:

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