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Nothin but .NET Developer Boot Camp - Day Two

Today has been awesome! More of what we learned yesterday, plus more.  We got more in depth into certain patterns and have had a huge helping of BDD all day long. The format has been that JP has written the specs and we get the tests to pass. The format looks like it will start to shift to JP doing less and less code and us doing more and more of it.

Three Project Solution

So one thing I immediately picked up on is the 3 project solution.  One of the projects holds all of the automation and automated build stuff. So it's really kind of a two project solution. The website and the code.  That's a pretty compelling change.  So I know you are asking, where are the tests at if you only have a website project and code project? That tests (aka Specifications) live right next to their implementation and are separated out by the automated build into two separate assemblies (one for the tests and one for the production code). 



Naming Conventions

The naming inside of not only the specs, but the production code is very verbose.  I am guessing the naming of methods is based towards DDD (although I haven't got into that yet and JP hasn't really talked about it yet).

So let's take a look at the tests:


And a look at an implementation:


So far pretty sweet. Lots of pairing as well!

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