September 2007 Entries

Estimation Example


This is the best example of estimation I have seen in awhile.

Interesting...Joel may just be right

Close Combat Tactical Trainer

This is the Close Combat Tactical Trainer (CCTT), also known as the Army's $70Million+ Training Facility. I like to call it an expensive video game (and it needs an update)! It is used for combat training, but we modify it for use for convoy tracking. In these pictures you will see the facility with big white boxes. Those are pods (or vehicle simulators). Inside the pods that you will see are what it looks like in the actual vehicles! What I believe I have included is both the Bradley (M2A2) and ......

Interviews and Common Sense 

That's awesome!  But we do it all the time with technical interviews...

Cheeseburgers at Tyson Fresh Meats (formerly IBP)??!

I have to agree that I am application-centric for some things and data-centric for other things.  That is not the point of this post, it's the analogy that Troy has brought forth from the article.

Interface based Development

This is a great article on the benefits of interface based development. I might be doing a presentation on that when I go to Tulsa TechFest in October, so you might be seeing more blog posts than normal by me. ......

A Team Room / War Room

Russell is ahead of me in posting the war room that I set up last night after work. Coming back from Military Leave in February, I was given some "gifts" from members of different teams. This team gave me some user stories including one to assemble the army guys daily with the army guys that they gave me. I waited for the appropriate moment to "declare war" and it was on. ......