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August 2008 Entries

I recently went to my cousin's birthday party (he turned 6), and since he's apparently become a huge Star Wars fan (read: played LEGO Star Wars and loves shooting off C-3PO's leg), my parents decided to get him a couple small Star Wars LEGO toys that were designed for that age group. They're small - maybe 30 pieces or so - but they're still pretty neat, and I can't help but be amazed at how the pieces still come together to form the whole. I was a LEGO and K'nex fanatic when I was younger, but I ......

So often in the managed world we're able to get away with not worrying about memory management. "But the GC takes care of cleaning my objects for me!" That's true; but if you want your application to be performant, you should at least understand what's going on in all of those circuits and silicon. In Part 2, I talked a bit about how creating object pools can help you to avoid garbage collections by keeping memory allocated for a long time. Here, I'm going to talk a bit more extensively about how ......

In C#, Visual Basic .NET, C++/CLI, J# - the list goes on - we're freed from having to worry about our memory management. Objects take care of themselves, and when the CLR garbage collector detects that an object is no longer in use, it frees the associated memory. That doesn't mean that we should run around allocating and deallocating objects all willy-nilly; in fact, since we have less control over memory, we arguably have the opportunity to be more careful with the way we use high-frequency objects. ......

Lately I've been doing some interesting work that I've alluded to elsewhere dealing with the binary communications protocol hosted Blizzard Entertainment's game service. It's kind of what brought me into C# development in the first place; I walked away from it for a few years, and now I've been digging into it again. And I've learned a few things between then and now; I've been particularly interested in looking at the under-the-hood workings of the CLR, and so I'm starting a new series ......

It's kind of a scary day when I have to use Safari for Windows in order to create a Technorati Profile.

This is my post to validate that this blog belongs to me.  So I apologize that it might be otherwise awkward!

OK, so I lied; I'm not stopping at 5 parts. I've been working with enumerations frequently lately; the chat protocol is binary and therefore the values that come over the wire have different contextual meanings based on the values that might have preceded them. For example, a chat message event actually can have about a dozen meanings; it can be a server-broadcasted message, a message from another user, or just an announcement that a user joined the channel. In addition to the standard ......