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Ok here is a cool trick I figured out that I hope will be helpful to someone:

What if you wanted to block all the incoming ip addresses from a given country to a given site using only PHP and mySQL (without using .htaccess, etc.) and be able to log who you blocked into your mySQL database?

First, you need to have a white list or a black list. I got mine from because they were free, based off of countries and worked pretty darn well.

For myself, I used the x.x.x.x-y.y.y.y option, cut out the headers and dropped the text file onto my server, then I made a little script to load them into a table in mydatabase:

include "myconfig.php"; //this contains my db connection info
--use your own here
include "openmyDB.php"; //this opens up my db connection --use your own here

//clear out the table first
mysql_query("DELETE FROM myallowedIp")or die(mysql_error()); 

//get all the ip ranges from the text file I put on the server
$validAddressList = file_get_contents('validipAddresses.txt');

//split them up into an array
$validAddresses = explode("\n", $validAddressList);

//put each element of the array into the db
foreach ($validAddresses as $validAddressRange)

    //trim it
    $validAddressRange = trim($validAddressRange);

    //get the two halves of the range
    $fromAndTo = explode("-", $validAddressRange);

    //put them into the db. NOTE: I am converting them into longs so thatI can quickly compare them later
    $myQuery = "INSERT INTO myallowedIp (ipaddressFrom, ipaddressTo)
        VALUES ('".ip2long($fromAndTo[0])."', '".ip2long($fromAndTo[1])."')";

    //echo $myQuery."<br>";
    mysql_query($myQuery)or die(mysql_error());

include "closemyDB.php"; //this closes my db connection
--use your own here


I recommend taking that script off your server once you are done loading it up for security purposes.

Now that I have it all loaded into my db, I can now query that table every time a user shows up at my site and turn them away or allow them in (depending on if I want to treat my address ranges like a whitelist or a blacklist)!

To do this, first you get the ip address of the user (here I keep it around as a session variable, but do whatever you want):


if (!empty($_SERVER['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR']))   //to check ip is pass from proxy


Then, you compare it against your table (assuming you have already opened up your db connections):

    $allowResult = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM myallowedIp WHERE
        ipaddressFrom <= '".ip2long($_SESSION["REALIPADDRESS"])."' AND
        ipaddressTo >= '".ip2long($_SESSION["REALIPADDRESS"])."'")or die(mysql_error()); 
    if($allowRow = mysql_fetch_array( $allowResult ))
        //if this is a whitelist, you can come in...(put other code here as you want)
        //not on whitelist...

      //send them somewhere else or whatever you want. Note: only use the header() command if you have not sent ANYTHING to the user yet. If it is not working, check that first.
      header ('HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently');
      header ('Location:');

I hope that helps someone! Take care and have fun developing!

EDIT: I had to move the site around where I use this, and I decided to change how I did it to make it more intuitive for me to test. Instead of storing the allowable IP addresses as LONGs, I stored them as VARCHAR with a max size of 15, so that my code snippet above would look like this instead:

    $myQuery = "INSERT INTO myallowedIp (ipaddressFrom, ipaddressTo) 
        VALUES ('".$fromAndTo[0]."', '".$fromAndTo[1]."')";

Then, when it comes time to check if something matches (or doesn't match), I do this instead, using mySQL's INET_ATON to compare them instead of PHP's ip2long: 

$allowResult = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM myallowedIp WHERE 


INET_ATON(ipaddressTo) >= INET_ATON('".$_SESSION["REALIPADDRESS"]."')")or die(mysql_error()); 

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