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Recently I have been working on a very cool project called Triangler. This is a multiplayer game that you play on your mobile phone. You play in one of two teams that compete with each other. The goal of the game is to position yourself in a way that you create equilateral triangles on a map. So you and your teammates have to move around to get yourself in the right position. To get points you have to enclose people from the opposite team inside this triangle.
The game has been
nominated for the International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) 2006 ;

The software for this game consists of two parts : the mobile client and the game server.
I built the game server using Windows Workflow Foundation State machine to keep track of the game state and the states of the triangles that are being formed during the game.
For the visualization I used Windows Presentation Foundation ; it's really a lot easier now to create impressive animating graphics I think!
The mobile client was built with the Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC SDK.

For me this was a nice way to experiment and to get some feeling with these techniques.

I will be posting some screenshots of the game in a short while here.

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