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What can I say, I am totally addicted to Twitter and the way that it has changed the way that we communicate.  I seem to post at least once a day and see what my tweeps (people that I follow and are following me) are up to at least 10 times per day.  Yes, it's still somewhat progressive for the mainstream crowd, but its adoption is really taking off.  One question that I have is: "So what's next with Twitter?"

I've been pondering this for a few weeks as I dive deeper into the true enterprise social networking (ESN) world and what would REALLY be a nice addition for Twitter would be the capability to create an isolated group made up from from your tweeps list so that you can create a quick little private conversation that's not accessable to the world.  This could change the way that we meet and collaborate on idea, especially in the ESN space.

Another future addition that I think you could add to Twitter would be the ability to integrate into your enterprise collaboration platforms (note that idea 1 would likely have to be implemented first to ensure a private conversation can be held).  Being a SharePoint guy, I love the capability of being able to create a document workspace around a document that lives in a document library so that I can collaborate with my team on a particular document.  You can create a discussion, change the document, post meeting announcements around the collaboration effort, etc.  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to collaborate over that same document with Twitter from wherever you are in the world? 

Yes, I know that there are other ways to solve these problems (like throwing back to the old-school way of just sending an EMAIL), but I like options and ESN options for Twitter is just somethiing that I don't have.  :-)

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I understand why these features are attractive in the enterprise, but I think Twitter is successful precisely because it is difficult to erect a walled garden using their system. I've taken many conversations off twitter to email, IM or ooVoo. The real advantage with Twitter is that everyone knows everyone else's business, which is why it resembles an actual tribe.

Left by Alan Stevens on May 25, 2008 12:10 AM

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