Browser engine performance related to JavaScript

Question: Which browser engine perform better when it comes to JavaScript?


Browsers tested:

  • Firefox version 3.5.2
  • IE8.0.6001.18702
  • Google Chrome 1.0.154



When it came to rendering a complex page with lots of jQuery client-side activity, they all performed well, but Google Chrome is definitely faster than Firefox as well as IE8. However, in one of the screens I loaded multiple grids (jqGrid) that each calls the server via Ajax asynchronously. The interesting result here is that IE8 outperforms Firefox and Chrome by an order of magnitude. It loaded the 5 grids visibly about twice as fast as both Firefox and Chrome, the last two performing visibly the same. Without getting in to too much technical jargon, IE8 obviously performs some kind of parallel call whereas the other two rendering engines perform the different Ajax calls in sequence. When it comes to design and development work requiring WYSIWYG results, Firefox is king with the Firebug, YSlow, CacheViewer, and other plug-ins. I can recommend Chrome when client-side performance is crucial to users, but Firefox is hard to beat when it comes to plug-in support, security, adherence to HTML and CSS standards compliance.


To put it into perspective here are some stats on the content rendered:

3429 DOM elements on the page!

doc (1) 63.5K    
js (2) 1532.3K    
css (2) 234.4K    
cssimage (25) 38.1K    
image (22) 33.1K



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