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Every now and then I find that it is necessary to apply self signed SSL certificates when implementing Exchange servers. Self Signed Subject Alternative Name (SAN) Certificates that is, because Exchange uses that kind of certificates since Exchange 2007.BackgroundThe need for self signed SSL certificates can have different reasons. One of these reasons ......

Following the TMG installation wizard, you are advised to run Windows Update and install all updates, before installing TMG. As a good citizen, I therefore installed all updates and Internet Explorer 9. At the end of the installation of the TMG software I tried to start the TMG management console. The following two errors were displayed and the management ......

As I noted before in this blog item, I have come across a problem with Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 in regards to the processing of permissions in move operations with Windows Explorer. Seeing there's some additional information on this that was brought to my attention, I decided to share it in this article. If you move an item between two folders ......

In my previous blogpost I informed you about the issues with Windows Explorer in Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2, concerning NTFS handling. To get some more insight in the problem I tried to find the source of the behavior by using Sysinternals Process Monitor (My favorite tool). With this tool you can see the issue happening, but unfortunately it does not bring us the solution of the problem.

I have been using the various versions of the Microsoft Windows product line since NT4 and I really thought I knew the ins and outs about the NTFS filesystem by now. There were always a few rules of thumb to understand what happens if you move data around. These rules were: "If you copy data, the copied data will inherit the permissions of the location it is being copied to. The same goes for moving data between disk partitions. Only when you move data within the same partition, the permissions

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