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As I continue to learn to work on servers, I am often reminded why I didn't want to be an IT Pro (and often avoided learning how).  Working with a third-party vendor on a problem, I have been performing searches looking for all locations of certain files.  Turns out, search does not always search everything.  Why do I get some instances of a .dll returned (installed in the Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework.... folder) but not all instances of a .dll (installed in Windows\Assembly). 

Binging found this Microsoft article. 

Searching "A word or phrase in the file" search criteria may not work

I tried Option 2 and turned on the indexing service) - now I'm trying to guess how long it will take the indexing service to finish indexing. 

I understand search is not returning everything in order to speed the search, but please, please tell me in bright red flashing letters "Search is not interrogating everything on your request.  To search everything you must ..... ". 

 PART 2:

Turns out I am trying to return something that actually resides in the GAC.  C:\Windows\Assembly.  I can't view the GAC via Windows Explorer(and thus Search).  I can view what's in the C:\Windows\Assembly folder, but I can't do a search and retrun anything from that folder.  There are several ways to view the contents of the GAC, Searching with Windows Explorer is just not one of them. 

Hopefully, I've learned enough about using Windows Search, that I won't be confused next time.  (I still prefer writing code!)


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