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This week I had to make some changes to an application written in Visual Studio 2003 (It's a Microsoft Content Management Server application, but that is irrelevant to the memories).  After digging through multiple user controls I found the one that needed a change.  The change was simple, remove a control.  Two seconds ... right?  WRONG... 2 hours later... I could not figure out why deleting a control caused the layout of the page to explode and text to journey into new locations on the page.  Here are "some" of the things I tried during that 2 hour trip back in time.

  • Perhaps the control was occupying space that impacted the layout of the page.  Put the control back - nope.
  • Get the latest version of the source code (again)
  • Everything works as expected
  • Change the visible property of the control to false and let it continue to live on the page - nope
  • Change the visilbe property back to true - nope  (Now this is strange)
  • Get the latest version (again)
  • Everything works as expected
  • Just for kicks, leave the control alone and change the border of the table from 0 to 1 - nope
  • Wow - why does the layout change with a border change?
  • I remember how  much I hated some "features" of Visual Studio 2003, especially the one that updated the HTML .. ah ha! 
  • Get latest version (again)
  • Delete the control in HTML view - Save - DO NOT SWITCH TO DESIGN VIEW

Memories quickly reminded me how much better Visual Studio 2005 is than Visual Studio 2003.  It's time to check out the improvements I'm sure to find in Visual Studio 2008. 

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