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Visual Studio 2008 is launching soon, which means a new wave of exams will be launching soon as well.  Should I buckle down and study for the Visual Studio 2005 exams I have been meaning to take?  Microsoft has made it a little easier by offering Second Chance exams through the end of the year (you can register here).  I just love studying for exams during the holidays.  It means I spend less time with my family.  Hold on, maybe that's a good thing!

Gotta love that word "SHOULD".  A friend of mine has taught me to quit using "should" and start using "will".  So I'm going on record

I WILL take another exam before Christmas (and yes, in 2005). 

Now that I have announced it, I WILL study tonight. 



Posted on Wednesday, November 14, 2007 5:00 PM | Back to top

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