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I recently made a politically incorrect statement to a member of the RV.NUG (which I lead).  I try to be tactful and careful not to make statements that might be offensive or insulting to any member of the group.  RV.NUG is an awesome user group and has many members that volunteer on a consistent basis. 

After arriving home, the comment continued to nag at  me.  I wrote an email.  Re-reading the email, I decided it might make it worse, might be making it a bigger deal that it actually was.

I called the member on the cell phone.

"Hey.  I've been thinking about the meeting yesterday and something I said has been bothering me.  When I said blah blah blah, I think it might have sounded as though I was insulting you.  I apologize for that.  I actually meant yadda yadda yadda"

........ s i l e n c e ............

....... m o r e   s i l e n c e ..........

......   d r o p p e d   c a l l  ............

Great.  Redial. 

"Hey.  How much did you hear before the call dropped.  The call did drop didn't it?"

"No - I'm totally ticked."

-------- s i l e n c e ----------

Oh no, not again.

"Just kidding.  I appreciate you calling.  I did not take it that way, but I do see where you could think that."

WHEW.  Next time I'm calling in a case of foot in the mouth, I think I'll use a land line.


Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2007 8:29 PM RVNUG | Back to top

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