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I was a new user of Groove 2007 so I used it a few times without obtaining a product key from my MSDN subscription.  Created a couple of worksites, all was good.  Once I realized I would be using Groove more often I obtained the product key.  This time when Groove asked, I entered the product key.  That's when strange things began to happen.

Every time I tried to create a workspace in Groove it now began the configuration wizard and asked for the product key.  Ok, fine.  (I had been smart and saved it in a txt file) so do it again.  But then again and again.  Ok, enough of that.  Time to try something else.

A collegue was Groovin with me and suggested I try "Activate Product" under the "Help" menu.  Sounded good.  Did that and - it ran the configuration setup AGAIN, but this time I was told the product had been succesfully activated (even though I had never been told there was an error previously).  Ok - fine.  Now I should be able to create a workspace.

Create workspace and I received a dialog "The product has already been activated."  WHAT?  I know, I just activated the product.  I tried creating a workspace from the menu, from the link in the Launch Bar - same message. 

All this time, I'm still groovin with the same colleague but in HIS workspace.  We're playing chess, drawing pictures etc.  He suggests I try running "Office Diagnostics" from "Help".  (He's had plenty of time to look for answers while I run the configuration wizard multiple times).  OK - fine.  This runs a while - so we worked with the photos.  Now I should be able to create a workspace.

Create a workspace and I received the same dialog.  ARGH.  However, now there's a third colleague Groovin with us so I just enjoy the product in someone else's workspace.  We chatted in a workspace and shared the cool features of Groove as we discovered them.  Tomorrow I will try something else.

Tomorrow is here so I decide to Repair my Groove installation.  That runs even longer than the Office diagnostics.  At times, I wonder if it's still running.  But alas, it finally finishes.  OK - fine As soon as I restart my computer I should be able to Groove in my own workspace. 

Restart complete.  Login - well, try to login.  I could not authenticate!  OK- fine.  I'll connect to the network at work tomorrow and stop for tonight. 

Login while connected to the network. Moving right along.  (Did Groove do something to my cached account?).  Start up Groove and Create Workspace  - IT WORKS! 

I googled on this and found nothing.  For some reason it seems that every time I tried to create a workspace, Groove was actually running the Activate Product functionality.  Groove is so awesome!  It is definitely worthly - even with these issues I still love the product.


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