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Once again I am awed by a Code Camp, this time Richmond Code Camp 3.    Great job by the Richmond crew - from the organizers, Andy Leonard, Susan Lennon, Frank LaVigne and Darrel Norton, to the speakers, volunteers and of course the attendees.  There were close to 100 people there - great turnout.  It was good to see some other folks from Roanoke there - TOLGA: You are one true geek getting up and leaving at 4:30 am then driving back on the same day!

I spent most of my time learning about 3.0 Framework and the new release of SharePoint.   I have definitely fallen behind in my reading but Code Camps give you a rocket boost toward catching up.  It's also motivating to be with folks so excited about the new techology. 

As always, there is the Code Camp Bonus of seeing friends I made at prior Code Camps.  It adds much to the email / IM networking.  Now I have plans to meet again at Tech Ed in June. 


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