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The FIRST Roanoke Code Camp (there will definitely be more!) exceeded any expectation I could have imagined.  The top four ways to attend code camp are:

  1. As an ATTENDEE: You'll learn a lot, meet other attendees, meet presenters and if you want to know more about a presentation just ask.  Stop any presenter (except on the way to lunch) and you'll get one-on-one exchange.
  2. As a VOLUNTEER: You will get all of the benefits of the attendee PLUS even more time hanging with the presenters and other volunteers, giving you even more knowledge and fun.  I attended a Code Camp in Reston and knew only one person.  As a volunteer I met several folks with whom I still correspond AND get to see at Code Camps in other cities.
  3. As a SPEAKER: You will get all of the benefits of the attendee and the volunteer PLUS an opportunity to really really learn a topic.  Trust me, if you want to learn something well, agree to do a presentation.  Not only will you learn a lot doing research, you'll learn a lot fixing your code when you make "one last change" the night before Code Camp.  But never fear, you have a great pool of resources in the other speakers to help you out.  I thought Code Camp was great as a volunteer, but it got even better as a presenter.  The other speakers are not only knowledgable, they are great people.  You will definitely see them again at Code Camps in other cities.
  4. As a ORGANIZER: Yes, you will get all of the benefits above plus more, but there is nothing like seeing it actually happen.  (There's a good chance you won't notice it coming together the week before).  As an organizer you will see first-hand the commitment and dedication of many types of people (from the weekend hobbyist to the 80-hour low-level coder).  Even more, you will see a great desire to share the enthusiasm they have for technology. 

THANK YOU: To everyone that presented, volunteered, attended, contributed and encouraged (many of you from a long distance away).  There were 98 registered and 85 attended - 85% showed! 

Yeah, I could easily become a Code Camp Junkie!  If you haven't tried one, you're missing out.

See the presentations and slide decks from Roanoke Code Camp here and see photos here

Posted on Sunday, March 18, 2007 2:42 PM RVNUG | Back to top

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SORRY I missed it! I'm looking forward to the next one!
Left by Bret Shawn on Mar 18, 2007 6:19 PM

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