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Let me say this first. To the naysayers, go f*ck yourselves.

I just got in the mail my free copies of Ubuntu.
10 CDs they were giving away to whoever requested them at

It worked beautifully fast, ran without one single problem in my old laptop.
It detected the mouse pad without problems.
My external wireless card right on the spot, and detected my wireless conection too.
All I had to do was enter the key and there I was surfing the web with Firefox.
Headed to my web site to test all my XUL apps, oh joy!
Open Office, Firefox, Games, tons of administrative tools.

All of that without seeing the evil console not one single time.
Or dowloading, compiling or installing any drives. It just worked!

This is for you, so called IT guru and FUDder marketeer.
Open your eyes, Linux is here, and is here to stay.

Posted on Saturday, October 22, 2005 10:00 PM | Back to top

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