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Reading about vCards and hCards and rdfCards, I was wondering about the lack of a 'simple' XML format for personal cards.

Cards that could be posted on your web page, blog or anywhere you feel the need to give your personal/business info in a standard way.

Info that could then be easily parsed and consumed by browsers, aggregators, address books and all sorts of apps that deal with that kind of info.

Need to say more? Let's see:

Now, following the great acceptance of the feed autodiscovery standard, we'll use the same concept for XCards:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/xcard+xml" title="George Nava" href=""/>

So, start coding your scripts and extensions to autodiscover and consume XCards.
And start creating your own card designs and posting them in your blogs and web pages.

PS. Not being an XML academic, let the masters deal with the specs of XCards 1.0.

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