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Instead of lining up with Tim Bray's Loyal Opposition, I am joining the ranks of the Rebel Insurgency.
We have to take action with propositions, good or bad, and accept with humility that we screwed up things.

Here is my proposal:

0. Accept XML is not the best format for data exchange. (If not, we are losing our time)
1. Define a new format for universal data structures not for document markup (the simplest, fastest)
2. Redefine all specs to use the new format (XSD, WSDL, SOAP, UDDI)
3. Design a new envelope format for B2B exchange. (format I said, specs are ok)
4. Allow all kinds of document exchange (EDI, CSV, HTML, XML)

Now to the point:

1. Data comes in different flavors: values, lists, maps, binary
items=[one, two, three]

2. Lower the entry barrier for programmers to accept the specs:
invoice schema:
-  name: string max 4 required
-  address: Address max 1 optional
-  sex: choice(male,female,other)

3. Use the HTTP protocol for B2B-WS:
- a. Use REST for simple, one-to-many open implementations
- b. Use XPOST for B2B document exchange
- c. XPOST: envelope structure in the header:

msg-action: newinvoice.php
content-type: application/edi


4. Exchange any format available on earth (the greatest mistake was to make it XML only)

5. Discuss

XML sadists will want to burn me at the stake.
Here are my words to them:

Vive la revolution!

Posted on Wednesday, June 1, 2005 10:30 AM | Back to top

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