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Ruby pearl

“Time spent in the debugger is time stolen from the development clock”


Posted On Saturday, February 26, 2005 11:25 PM

XML Next

XML Next: if you don't deliver, others will...

More on the subject here



Posted On Wednesday, February 16, 2005 2:50 PM

Tabular XSD
A sample can save me a thousand words:<?xml version="2.0" ?> <Products> <row>0012345|Flat Monitor |21ABCDE| 21|987.65</row> <row>0012346|Internet Keyboard|99ABCDF| 32|986.64</row> <row>0012347|Laser Printer |44ABCDG| 5|985.63</row> <row>0012348|Wireless Mouse |11ABCDH|108|984.62</row... <!-- repeat 10000 times --> </Products> <?xml version="2.0"?> <schema id="Products" namespace="..."> <element name="Products" type="xsd:table"> ......

Posted On Friday, February 4, 2005 11:40 AM

Tabular XML
I have to agree I abused the journalistic bible by using an eye-catching title.It should have been 'Tabular XML' since it has nothing to do with the relational world but with table-like structures. First, even if you use elements, attributes or gzip compression, the fact that for every record you will repeat all the properties is a no-no, no matter how you spin it.For short examples in academia, it looks nice using a couple of attributes, but when you start facing day-to-day challenges like transmitting ......

Posted On Friday, February 4, 2005 9:13 AM

Relational XML
How difficult is it to understand that half the data exchanged in XML are object graphs and the other half are tables?How dificult is it to adapt XML to express tables then? Here is a cheap shot.<?xml version="2.0" ?> <member id="1234"> <name>john doe</name> <phone>555-1234</p... <family xsd:type="table"> <row>name |age|address |city |st|zip |phone </row> <row>john doe | 32|123 nw 45 st|miami|fl|33133|555-1234&... <row>jane ......

Posted On Thursday, February 3, 2005 12:13 AM

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