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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

quickbooks w2 align print

The solution? get the latest qb payroll forms update, dated after jan 16th for sure.  Just saving some of you all from an unsolvable rubiks cube. (today is 1/21/15) (yes, we do qb).

Monday, December 8, 2014

Blog Upadate, finally.

I finally got over here and got logged in.  Wow.  Seems like it's been longer than a year!  Code Camp 2014 went well, and the amature radio group is on track with a new repeater, and with luck I will finally get to take an azure test!!

As we push forward into the xmas season, ALL my webpages are out of date.  Typical.  I spent some of the summer testing different way of making graphene.  I am glad I did so, what I learned was very cool (no it wasn't actually, it was hot, just not as hot as some of the first methods I had explored). 

I can take a brief moment of solace from passing the edx linux course, perhaps I should of  spent some money and done it in a verified track.  I am going through the ANU edx astronomy series of classes, three of them in total.  They have all been excellent and I do wish I would of been able to give more time to them, but being on the board at cpdn and president at cvarc, running a small biz, keeping up with microsoft, and making gold partner at Intel, mainting no less then five independant research projects and generally hunting down every bit of info on the sceinces the internet will freely give up, yes, I did not get to dedicate the proper amount of time to the ANU astronomy series, but I sure as heck do recommend it.

After doing bunches of windows 8 and 8.1 installs over the past year, I must say it's a decent operating system.  Coupled with the new windows server, I'd say it's a network to use.  I see a lot of freetards setting up ix boxes for networking, and all the time screaming about security, yet they are seething leeks and pretty much are just turning their heads away with all the work it's taking them to keep the config files up and nifty.  I am also noting a lot of  'ix users are pretty sure they are admins.  Nuff said there, it's a bad situation. 

Finally, I am contemplating a go at the cubesat challange.  I have at least on potential team member.  If nothing else, I may just follow along as a dry run.  There are several things being sought under the cubesat challange, one  thing that I am sure they can't wait to get their hands on is a non chemical propulsion system.  With spinsat now deployed, it is certainly in the cards that future cubesats will at least have a non chem navigational system. Which reminds me, if your looking for a good group to follow on twitter, don't over look the lunar lions, my blood runs blue and with a nephew up at state, it's a given that I will support the lunar lions, as if there were ever any doubt.

I know all this was less than a prequel, but I am happy to get back into the geek blog and get a few things documented.  I have some cool links to post out, particularly some from code camp 2015 but right now I want to at least get this one out there, as if one else has yet,

the link is pretty much self explanatory. 

in closing, if your in the harrisburg pa area in jan 2015 our meeting will feature Ken Dale with a presentation: Introduction to git hub  it would be wise register at our group meetup page:

(and maybe bring a few bucks for pizza donations) If Lance has any swag after code camp, we'll have a drawing after the presentation.

If your ham passing through the shippensburg/chambersburg area you may find me on our local repeater at 147.120 pl 100. Look us up at:

Now maybe I can go upright some of my personal webpages, I'll return before xmas though!!



Tuesday, October 15, 2013

(and a new ray smith equipment webpage)

Please bear with me, apparently we lost to what I am not sure.  I have yet another webpage coming to . Right now it is pretty bare, I just spent an hour configuring web matrix 2.0 (3 no likey like vista!!).  I should have the shoppers corner sub page back up intime for black friday though, soo keep your eyes posted.

To keep you busy meantime, be sure to check out inmoov, a really cool open source 3d printed diy robot.

I chanced upon it from the dangerous prototypes web site some time ago and consider it the one project that will rock the world in the immediate future.






Code Camp 2013 Harrisburg PA

The Centrral Pensylvania Dot Net Users Group will be hosting a code camp nov 2 2013.  The Schedule is already on our groups' webpage,

You will find the schedule on the pull down tab.  Registration is free, you will have to use Meetup to register.

Sign in to Meetup and register to attend Code Camp!!

Learning will be plentiful, the giveaways will be COOL!! So you gotta be there!!!

In a couple of days I will post the schedule here in an effort to spread the word.


ray smith



Friday, May 31, 2013

Changing the World.

It has been a while since I updated this blog.  I do apologize.  I have a legitimate excuse though!
It was an EdX course, a very very difficult course at that, but man I loved the course and threw myself into it.  I managed to eek out a 93%.( only about a 1000 of us got over 90, in fact only 1376 got over 80)..I missed two questions during the entire class and both were on the final, one not paying attention to a true false and the other, well, I worked it out on the bloch sphere but I still don't know what I did wrong.  It bugs me a bit, but I must move on.  Before starting the class I had already placed a quantum entanglement experiment on my over extended to do list, during the class I was more than motivated to actually build a quantum computer, by the end of the class, I recognized the sheer difficulty of such a task but remain determined.  The class had a lot of students, somewhere around 100,000 but only a fraction of that managed to get a passing grade which was set very high at >80% granted that a lot just merely watched the videos, which the prof, Umesh V. Vazirani, presented in perhaps the best form I have ever seen ANY quantum mechanics subject presented.  I do hope to meet him someday and tell him so in person, meanwhile, the course will come up again and even though I have already received my certificate of mastery, (thank you edx, thank you), I do plan to take the class again if I am at all able.  An honerable mention to the course TA Seung Woo Shin.  who did an outstanding job as TA, very, very helpful and not a single utterance of negativity (as some ta's can be a bit short fused after repeating themselves so often).  As well as too my fellow students in the forum, the forum is where the real action is in moocs.  As I persue my QC project, I do hope to hear from many of them again.  I also managed a cert from the MIT intro to solid state chemistry, though I did not receive as high a grade.  So far all the classes have been great, and difficult.  Prof. Cima from MIT started out in fist gear but we quickly shifted through the gears into umpteenth gear (as is common in post secondary education).  I thought it was going to increase my knowledge of solid state electronics and help me as I develop solid state electronic components in my lab.  Instead we really only spent about a week on band gaps as they apply to electronics.  Still I am super elated I took the class.  One of my top secret projects is a grahene device which I will blog about much later next year and this class has provided a nice foundation for such a project.  As well it and the CS191x class have provided a much needed confidence boost to my impetuous to take on the large projects I have recently added to the to do list.  

I first discovered the edx classes by signing up for an email reminder to one of the first moocs, an AI class from berkely.  The class was FULL the day after I recieved my reminder but soon there after, with an angel on my shoulder, I received news that the world famous MIT Prof.Anant Agarwal was planning a mooc of his world renowned MIT 6.002 circuts and electronics class, a requirement for all EE degree students at MIT.  I was amazed at how quickly that first class moved and enjoyed it so much that I hope to take it again, this time with a handful of 2N7000 MOSFETS and my oscilloscope at my side to really follow along in style!     As a side note, any students from the CS191x class that wish to remain in contact with me are welcome to drop me a line at my email.  You can find it on my webpage    And in fairness, it would not right if I did not mention 8.02x Electricity and Magnetism taught by professor Walter Lewin.  Sadly, I put so much effort into the QC class that I slipped a bit too far behind in that class, but I must say, Lewin's style is to be seen to be fully appreciated, Nothing against my PSU physics prof Stahll, but Lewin is above and beyond soooo many physics people that it is a gift in itself to watch his lectures, let alone attend one of his classes.  Superb is the only adjective I have for him.  Among other things I discovered a method to solve complex magnetic loop problems with three or more circuit loops correctly...I was always taught the kirchoff method, but, as I learned, this will not always yeild the correct answer!...don't ask me, take the course, you'll love it, and the cost?  free.  Edx has started a revolution that will, without doubt, Change the world .  It has already changed mine.

For those interested, I am already signed up to take 8.02 MReVx Mechanics ReView taught by David E. Pritchard.  I am due for a mechanics review class as I start a foray into three d printing and am eager to sharpen some of my problem solving skills, and, as I am discovering is the norm in these moocs, surely learn some new problem solving skills.  I may not be able to do as well as I did in the QC class, but I do hope to do better than just merely watch the videos.  If you want to help change the world, sign up for this or one of the many other Edx classes, you'll be happy you did.  The number one secret is USE THE FORUMS.

Although I do have several other blogs, this is the one where I will update my quantum computer and graphene projects, I don't really expect to open source them but I will share as I am able.  Thanks again all, and remember, keep looking up!!

Ray Smith

Monday, September 10, 2012


command prompt : 'Winver' will provide the expiry date

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Large collection of Free Microsoft eBook

First things first, you gotta check out this list!!...Eric ligman's list was so popular, he added a bunch more even!!...

Large collection of Free Microsoft eBooks for you, including: SharePoint, Visual Studio, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Office 365, Office 2010, SQL Server 2012, Azure, and more.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

first install for windows eight.....da beta

The W8 preview is now installed and I am enjoying it.  I remember the learning curve of my first unix machine back in the eighties, this ain't that.

It is normal for me to do the first os install with a keyboard and low end never know what you'll encounter out in the field.  The OS took like a fish to water.  I used a low end INTEL motherboard dp55w I gathered on the cheap, an 1157 i5 from the used bin a pair of 6 gig ddr3 sticks, a rosewell 550 watt power supply a cheap used twenty buck sub 200g wd sata drive, a half working dvd burner and an asus fanless nvidia vid card, not a great one but Sub 50.00 on newey eggey...I did have to hunt the ms forums for a key and of course to activate the thing, if dos would of needed this outmoded ritual, we would still be on cpm and osborne would be a household name, of course little do people know that this ritual was common as far back as the seventies on att unix installs....not, but it was possible, I used to joke about when I ran a bbs, what hell would of been wrought had dos 3.2 machines been required to dial into my bbs to send fido mail to ms and wait for an acknowledgement. 

All in all the thing was pushing a seven on the ms richter scale, not including the vid card, sadly it came in at just a tad over three....I wanted to evaluate it for a possible replacement on critical machines that in the past went down due to a vid card fan have no idea what a customer thinks when you show them a failed vid card fan..."you mean that little plastic piece of junk caused all this!!??!!!"...yea man.  Some production machines don't need any sort of vid, I will at least keep it on the maybe list for those, MTBF is a very important factor, some big box stores should put percentage of failure rate within 24 month estimates on the outside of the carton for sure.  And a warning that the power supplies are already at their limit.  Let's face it, today even 550w can be iffy.

A few neat eye candy improvements over the earlier windows is nice, the metro screen is nice, anyone who has used a newer phone recently will intuitively drag their fingers across the screen....lot of good that was with no mouse or touch screen though.  Lucky me, I have been using windows since day one, I still have a copy of win 2.0 (and every other version) for no good reason.  Still the old ix collection of disks is much larger, recompiling any kernal is another silly ritual, same machine, different day, same recompile...argh. Rh is my all time fav, mandrake was always missing something, like it rewrote the init file or something, novell is ok as long as you stay on the beaten path and of course ubuntu normally recompiles with the same errors consistantly....makes life easy that errors on windows eight, just a screen that did not match the installed hardware, natuarally I alt tabbed right out of it, then hit the flag key to find the start start button. I miss the start button already. Keyboard cowboy funnin and I was browsing the harddrive, nothing stunning there, I like that, means I can find stuff. Only I can't find what I want, the start button....the start menu is that first screen for touch tablets. No biggie for useruser, that is where they will want to be, I can see that. Admins won't want to be there, it is easy enough to get the control panel a bazzilion other ways though, just not the start button. (see a pattern here?). Personally, from the keyboard I find it fun to hit the carets along the location bar at the top of the explorer screen with tabs and arrows and choose SHOW ALL CONTROL PANEL ITEMS, or thereabouts.

Bottom line, I love seven and I'll love eight even more!...very happy I did not have to follow the normal rule of thumb (a customer watching me build a system and asking questions said "oh I get it, so every piece you put in there is basically a hundred bucks, right?)...ok, sure, pretty much, more or less, well, ya dude.  It will be WAY past october till I get a real touch screen but I did pick up a pair of cheap tatungs so I can try the NEW main start screen, I parse a lot of folders and have a vision of how a pair of touch screens will be easier than landing a rover on mars.  Ok.  fine, they are way smallish, and I don't expect multitouch to work but we are talking a few percent of a new 21 inch viewsonic touch screen. 

Will this OS be a game changer?  I don't know.  Bottom line with all the pads and droids in the world, it is more of a catch up move at first glance.  Not something ms is used to.  An app store?  I can see ms's motivation, the others have it.  I gather there will not be gadgets there, go ahead and see what ms did  to the once populated gadget page...go ahead, google gadgets and take a gander, used to hundreds of gadgets, they are already gone.  They replaced gadgets?  sort of, I'll drop that, it's a bit of a sore point for me.  More of interest was what happened when I downloaded stuff off codeplex and some other normal programs that I like, like orbitron, top o' my list!!...cardware it is...anyways, click on the exe, get a screen, normal for windows, this one indicated that I was not running a normal windows program and had a button for  exit the install, naw, I hit details, a hidden run program anyways came into view....great, my path to the normal windows has detected a program tha.....yea ok, acl is on, fine, moving along I got orbitron installed in record time and was tracking the iss on the newest Microsoft OS, beta of course, felt like the first time I setup bsd all those year ago...FUN!!...I suppose I gotta start to think about budgeting for the real os when it comes out in october, by then I should have a rasberry pi and be done with fedora remixed.  Of course that sounds like fun too!!  I would use this OS on a tablet or phone.  I don't like the idea of being hearded to an app store, don't like that on anything, we are americans and want real choices not marketed hype, lest you are younger with opm (other peoples money).   This os would be neat on a zune, but I suspect the zune is a gonner, I am rooting for microsoft, after all their default password is not admin anymore, nor alpine,  it's blank. Others force a password, my first fawn password was so long I could not even log into it with the password in front of me, who the heck uses %$# anyways, and if I was writing a brute force attack what the heck kinda impasse is that anyways at .00001 microseconds of a code execution cycle (just a non qualified number, not a real clock speed)....AI is where it will be before too long, MS is on that path, perhaps soon someone will sit down and write an app for the kinect that watches your eyes while you scan the new main start screen, clicking on the big E icon when you blink.....boy is that going to be fun!!!! sure. Blink,dammit,blink,dammit...... OPM no doubt.

I like windows eight, we are moving forwards, better keep a close eye on ubuntu.  The real clinch comes when open source becomes paid source......don't blink, I already see plenty of very expensive 'ix apps, some even in app stores already. 

more to come.......


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SSO analysis

just a little time left tonight, thought it would be a good idea to get a link in on the new microsoft single sign on security web page from microsoft et al...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ti Launchpad

Just thought I would get a couple of notes up here for reference to anyone that is is now Feb 2011 and I have not been posting here enough to remember this blog.

Back in Nov 2010 I ordered the Ti launchpad msp430, it is a little target board kit replete with a mini USB cable, two very inexpensive programmable mcu's and a couple of pin headers with a couple of led's on board, a spi connector some on board jumpers and two programmable micro switches....all for less than $5.00...INCLUDING SHIPPING!!....not bad when the ardruino's are running around 20.00 for the target board, atmega328 and cable off of eBay...I wont even mention the microchip pic right now.  Naw, for $5.00 the Ti launchpad kit is about the cheapest fun around...if-uns your a geek that is...

Well, the launchpad was backordered for almost two months, came like Xmas eve in fact...I had almost forgotten it!! And really, it was way late and not my idea of an Xmas present for myself.  That would of been the web expressions 4 I bought a few weeks back.  With all the holidays, I did not even look at it till last week, in fact I passed the wrapped board around at my local ham club meeting during points of personal privilege....some oh's and ahhs but mostly duhs...I actually ordered it to avoid downloading the huge code compressor studio 4 (CCS) that was supposed to be included on the cd.  No cd.  I had already downloaded IAR  another programming IDE for these little micro bugs.

In my spare time I toyed with IAR and the launchpad board but after about two days of playing delete the driver with windows I decided to just download CCS 4, the code limited version, and give that a shot......CCS 4, is a good rewrite from the earlier versions, it is based on Eclipse as an IDE and includes the drivers for the msp430 target board I received in the kit.  Once installed I quickly configured the debugger for the target chip which was already plugged into the dip socket at the factory, msp430G2131 from he drop down list and clicked ok...I was in!!

The CCS4 is full of bells and whistles compared to the IAR, which I would of preferred for the simplicity.  But the code compressor studio really does have it all!!..the code limited version is free, and of all things will give you java script editor box.  The whole layout in debugger mode reminds me of any modern programmer IDE...I mean sure give me Tex anytime but you simply must admire all the boxes and options included in the GUI.  It was a simple matter to check the assembly code in the flash and ram memory that came preloaded for the launchpad kit.  Assembly.  I am right now looking for my old assembly textbooks...sure I remember how to use mov and add etc but a couple of the commands are a little more than vague anymore.  Still, these little mcu's are about 50 cents each and might just work in a couple of projects I have lined up for the near future.  I may document the code here.  Luckily, I plan to write the code in c++ for the main project but if it has to be assembly, no prob. 

For reference, the program that came already on the 2131 in the kit was a temperature indicator that alternately flashed red and green leds and changed the intensity of either depending on whether the temp was rising or falling...neat.  Neat enough that it might be worthwhile banging out a little GUI in windows 7 to test the new user device system calls, maybe put a temp gauge widget up on the desktop...just to keep from getting bored.  If you see some assembly code on this blog, you know I was doing something with one of the many mcu's out there.....thats all for now, more to follow...a bit later, of course.



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