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What is real? It's almost like asking - What is normal? Real, of course, is Reality to most. But "Real", in a sense of business and feeling, is knowing you are the pioneer of your own innovation and creativity - a sense that you are the leader of industry. It's the fresh feeling that you wake up in the morning knowing that today, you'll make a difference just like yesterday and tomorrow. It's a feeling that you have no need for regrets or a feeling of regret whether in personal life or at work in business. Real is a sense of "self-security" of your confidence and self-assurance. It's a sense that is shareable with others and isn't self-contained or selfish. Real is an appearance which people see and sense in you. It's not a copy, mock-up, or even a better version of something else. Real is original - the essence of raw, pure, unrefined, and completely unique. So the question everyone should ask themselves - 

Is it Real?

Real is pure engine - the starting point of something or even the only existence of something. When you have something that doesn't benefit money, power, fame, or even ego, then it's real. It's a feeling of trust within yourself - to make the next move or even to make a decision that will change the company. Real is how you see yourself yesterday, today, and tomorrow. It's the core and heart of you. It's your own team player and the people around you. So, the real question is -

Are you real?

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