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This post was significantly written targeted for developers with passionate curiosity. I love passion. That makes what I am. I've read Scott Guthrie's blog last night and I found that it was really interesting post on Orcas. Orcas is the code name for the next release of Visual Studio. I think they will probably release it this year, since as far as I know, most of Microsoft product iteration release in 2 years. Visual Studio 2005 shipped in November 2005. Perhaps you can guess when is the shipping date of Orcas. What's in Scott's blog that I found so interesting? its no other than Orcas review. It's a very high level review for developers, he did wrote a few killer features that will beat other IDE, despite there are no other IDE more better than Visual Studio :p. Here's are some interesting points to share, but I strongly recommed you to read the original posting at his blog. Satisfaction guarantee.
  • Multi Targeting - with Orcas, developer can write application targeted at multiple platform, it can be for .NET 2.0, .NET 3.0 and .NET 3.5. He did not mention about .NET 1.1 and I'm still using .NET 1.1 for my work. and I guess, there are a lot of people outside there using .NET 1.1 for their daily job. Like what Scott Hanselman wrote in his blog, technologies changing reapidly than business. I'm not business people. But I do care of it.
  • Rich HTML/CSS WYSIWYG Designer - It not just and drop features when he mention about designer. Scott put a figures of CSS toolbox with their properties and show how easy it is to format your text or page. Is that really easy?
  • ASP.NET AJAX and JavaScript - Intellisense in JavaScript? everybody want it. At first, I thought it was already there in Visaul Studio 2005 or maybe something we can do or hack to provide intellisense in JavaScript. It must be hard to write JavaScript in "notepad". I mean, those script with Object Oriented Programming principles in mind, classes, methods, enumeration.
  • Improved Data Support - Everybody talks about LINQ nowaday. Orcas is the tool. Object relational mapping will be better than ever with the release of Orcas. Did other third party ORM provider has provide this capabilities? I don't know. The last time I'm using ORM framework, I use code generator to write the mapping file. Developers with hands-on experience with ORM tools like NHibernate or iBatis must like this feature.
Scott also did mention about Orcas February CTP release. I think they postponed it until March. Can't wait to get your hands dirty with those beta stuff huh? Maybe I should focus on other thing first. There's two things in my mind now, ASP.NET AJAX and .NET 3.0 which I have not dicover intensively.
Quoted from Scott's blog:

"We are then looking to ship a first Beta later this spring.  I'll be doing many more posts over the next few months that talk about some of the new features in much more detail."

I like to quote, and the great post diserve to be quoted. when is the spring? here at malaysia we don't have spring. Well his blog will be in my top list since he want to disclose more about Orcas. Should I donwload the next release CTP or wait until the Beta? I couldn't decide yet. I'll wait for it. I guess that's all for now.
Well developers, stop writing testimony for your friends on friendster or myspace. It's time to get your hands 'dirty'. It is Monday, work, work, work.

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