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Its near end of the year, and everybody get busy to achieve target and restructure organisation, but the development practices still not taking into consideration. With more drag and drop or click next, next, ok features in Visual Studio 2005, most people think that software development will be so easy. But I don't think so. I think, it will become hard for developers, especially standalone developers to decide which features to used. Should I used the new DataSet or stick or business entity and collection. While entity and collection have a great benefits in term of performance, scalabilty and easy to maintain (I think it is easy to maintain compared to DataSet) and also easy to learn (if someone has basic OOP, they should understand it easily). Being a standlone programmer is so hard. I used to be in the team. Something going wrong here. The process need to change, so do the people (I mean to put some motivation and enthusiasm :)). Today hottest technology such as AJAX/atlas, sofware factory should be bring into the house. Not just technology, also the practices such as TDD. It not TDD, just write a unit test just to make sure the development project working simultaneously. AJAX library for .NET is available - . Creating responsive UI is better than ever. But I think I stick to the smart client. Just love the technology.

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