Windows XP

MS AntiSpyware 2009 is Fake
If you recently faced any security alert showing MS AntiSpyware 2009 and possible messages of your computer security being compromised, take a deep breath and cool down. It is a fake program (spyware) and installs itself with some codec's into your system. It keeps popping up from your Tray Icon saying that your computer system’s privacy is compromised and you would need to activate the trial version by purchasing the licensed version. In fact this one keeps alerting every 5 minutes and shows fake ......

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Zune Desktop theme for Windows XP
UPDATE: September 29, 2008 This post is relatively old and at that time, this was the only theme available. Currently there is a Zune theme for Windows XP which is pretty cool and gives the Vista Look n Feel. I would recommend not going for any third party "Vista look for XP" since they consume a lot of memory resources as well as result in leakages / spyware. The same can be downloaded from here Ever had a chance to look at the Windows Vista ("Longhorn") Screens? Waiting to explore the rich graphics ......

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