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FIX for Windows Update Error Code 80240016–Windows update failed since other updates are being installed currently
I kept getting this error whenever I try and do a Windows Update. This used to happen, particularly if I haven’t done a WU for a very long time. The usual suspects are anti-virus, firewall and sometimes, pending windows updates which would get resolved when I do a restart of the machine. I am running a Windows 7 SP1 64 Bit OS. This time, I connected a machine after almost 6 months and had a truck load of windows updates to be done. I tried restarting multiple times but every time, I run the WU wizard, ......

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Windows 7 RC Download will end August 20, 2009
The download link for Windows 7 RC (Release Candidate) would be unavailable post August 20, 2009. If one has a physical media (DVD, downloaded bits), they can still install post this date but the download option would not be available. Windows 7 RTM would be available before end of this year and it should also be available in stores etc., by then. This post is just to create awareness that if you would like to install and play with Windows 7 RC, do it right away before the download becomes unavailable. ......

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Windows 7 Beta Product Key
UPDATE: Since Windows 7 is now commercially available, these product keys are no longer recommended. Go ahead and buy your own copy of Windows 7 and experience a new world. For more details visit The following information is outdated given that the RC1 bits are already out. For the updated information, please visit Windows 7 Beta is out for sometime now and needless to say, the reception has ......

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