IE9 Beta is out and available for download from

The sheer beauty of the above site is felt only after you download IE9 Beta and check it on the same.  IE9 has been available as platform preview 1-4 over the last 6 months with a set of packaged demos.  But with this release, there is a public installable Beta that works very similar to your IE8.  In fact, it replaces the default IE8 browser shipped with Windows 7. 

For now, all I would like to say is that the experience has been super in terms of speed, navigation, clean UI as well as the innovative tab group.  Much has been already talked about and I would save the developer features for another post.  For now, read to get a glimpse of some of the features.

Also, the demos available on the site pretty much explain the advancements in terms of utilizing GPU power, HTML 5 support and much more exciting stuff.

So, first, download IE9 Beta from, check it and post your feedback in the comments (if any Smile)