Error Connecting to SQL Azure from Management Studio (Microsoft SQL Server, Error:53)

If you are receiving an error trying to connect to SQL Azure from Management Studio (SQL Server 2008 R2) and the error code indicates Error:53, most likely you are running into the following issue.  Note that, the rest of the post assumes that you have the proper server name / credentials and have configured your IP Address range in the SQL Azure administration portal.


The above error clearly indicates that the connection couldn’t be opened.  One of my colleagues faced this issue and we were pretty sure we had the correct username/password.  We also had enabled IP Address from the portal, so that shouldn’t be the cause.

When we drilled a little bit into it, the issue was with the ServerName parameter.  Earlier, SQL Azure required the servername parameter to be ADMINUSERNAME@SERVERNAME.DATABASE.WINDOWS.NET

Now, we don’t need to specify the ADMINUSERNAME@ part.  We just need to specify SERVERNAME.DATABASE.WINDOWS.NET

Upon correcting this, it started connecting and gave a sigh of relief.  Infact, this change happened quite a few months back but just that, my colleague wasn’t aware and it was too trivial that I didn’t look into earlier.

Nevertheless, if you arrived here searching for this error and it resolved, this post solves the purpose Smile


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