April 2010 Entries

Visual Studio RTM, Silverlight 4 RTM and WCF RIA Services download links

Its been a long time since I blogged.  Primarily due to Tech Ed India, the ongoing Great Indian Developer Summit (GIDS 2010) and the related travels.  However, here is a quick post with a few updates.  Visual Studio 2010 RTMed in India during Tech Ed.  We had the privilege of having Soma our Senior VP launch VS 2010 RTM in Bangalore, India, during Tech Ed India 2010.   With that we also had Silverlight 4 getting RTMed during the same week.

Earlier I had written posts around using the VS 2010 Beta, RC and the corresponding Silverlight, WCF RIA bits etc., and getting them all to work together.  Now that, both VS 2010 and Silverlight have RTMed, I wanted to post a quick update on the necessary downloads.

Visual Studio 2010 RTM can be downloaded from MSDN Visual Studio site 

If you are doing Silverlight 4 development with Visual studio, then you can download the Silverlight 4 Tools RC2 for Visual Studio 

Then, if you are developing with WCF RIA Services, you can download the WCF RIA Services RC 2 for SL4 and VS 2010

And finally, if you want to use WCF RIA Services in ASP.NET you would require the Domain DataSource control.  Also, to use some of the additional Service Utility tools, you would require the WCF RIA Services Toolkit.  You can download the same from WCF RIA Services Toolkit April 2010

Once you have installed all the above, you should be able to see the following in your add-remove programs

  • WCF RIA Services v1.0 for Visual Studio 2010 (Version 4.0.50401.0)
  • WCF RIA Services Toolkit (Version 4.0.50401.0)
  • Microsoft Silverlight (Version 4.0.50401.0)
  • Microsoft Silverlight 4 SDK (Version 4.0.50401.0)

Also, you would need the Expression Blend 4 for designing the apps for Silverlight 4.  You can download the release candidate from here

Thats it.  You are all set for development with Visual Studio 2010 and Silverlight 4, WCF RIA Services.

Cheers !!!