MSDN Security Summit 2007

At Microsoft, we give the highest priority to Security and always make it as a core tenet of our products and technologies.  Here again we are up with an MSDN Event for Developers, Senior Developers, Architects etc., on Security of different Applications be them Desktop Applications, Web Applications etc.,

The Security Summit 2007 is an aim to address some of the key ideas we had in implementing security in our products and technologies and how you can use them effectively to write secure code and create safer applications.

It is a 4 city tour at Mumbai, Pune, Kolkatta and Chennai and if you are around in any of these cities you must not miss this chance since it would be an excellent opportunity not only for us to bring awareness but also hear from you on how you feel our products are secured.

For FREE registration, visit chose your city and register for this event.

I am planning to be around at couple of cities and if you happen to attend the sessions, I would love to hear from you your experiences in using Microsoft Technologies.

Cheers !!!

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